Holistic Counsellor, Jennifer Cameron

As a holistic counsellor, how can ​I ​support you?

Hi, I’m Jennifer!  I’ve been a holistic counsellor for over 20 years and my work-passion is in ​supporting you to claim your ​peace of mind and regain your natural happiness. ​

Therefore I’ve become skilled, experienced and effective in working with people to make significant change in their lives.

So, I would love to support you to become free of trauma, anxiety or depression and as a result access​ more of the potential that your life holds​… or to support you to be free of work or ​relationship struggles, and thereby live more happily day to day.

Are you ready to transform your feelings and thoughts to calm and happy? To have more confidence about your future? To find greater depth and meaning in your life​? Would you like to receive compassionate support ​to access your own ​capacity ​to change your life?


Jennifer Cameron Holistic Counsellor
Jennifer Cameron, Holistic Counsellor

My approach as a holistic counsellor

As a holistic counsellor, ​I ​work with you in holistically sorting through life’s struggles. In other words, together resolving and strengthening the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements of your life and your self. Working as a team, we’ll discover the core of your life struggles and gently make comfortable change. Along the way you’ll gain greater understanding of how you think and feel about yourself and your life. You’ll become more and more clear about where your obstacles to happiness lie, and gently awaken to change and growth.

In summary, the outcomes that you’ll find through working with me include: sorting out current difficulties in your life; growing in strength as an individual; feeling a lot better about yourself; and finding a deeper sense of fulfillment in life. By the way, these outcomes are examples of why I’m passionate about my work, and about your finding your own unique place of well-being​.

Another way to describe my work is to say that my philosophy in counselling is love, and my style is genuinely caring. One important way that I extend this philosophy is through offering realistic and empowering reflection to you. This flows naturally in response to your personal strengths – we all have strengths to draw on, to discover and to develop. Additionally, I believe in you, in your humanity, and in supporting and drawing out the best in you.

Finally, if you would like to find out more about how I could support you, please read my holistic counselling page .

My qualifications and background

My qualifications as a counsellor include a Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Certificates in Meditation Therapy, Holistic Stress Management and Holistic Counselling. Additionally I’ve had over 20 years experience of counselling, and coupled with having strong intuition and empathy, I have the skills, experience and qualities to be truly effective in my work.

Read more about my background here.


“Jennifer’s work has helped me to continue to grow, to be happy and confident in what I do and most importantly, be happy with who I am as a person, a happy, strong and confident person. Thank you Jennifer.”

“I have made several positive changes in my life since attending counselling sessions with Jennifer. She is a compassionate, supportive counsellor who has an amazing ability to allow me to gently explore my past traumatic events and the challenges that have presented in my life. Jennifer has given me tools and techniques to overcome adversity, and my fears and anxiety in my everyday life. My self esteem and confidence have improved greatly and Jennifer inspires me to implement self-love and well-being.”

​”Jennifer walks the talk and has a very gentle, helpful and healing approach. She is able to foster a genuine sharing and caring environment.”

Holistic Counselling

“I found Jennifer to be a person of great insight, sensitivity, integrity, kindness, and generosity. Jennifer maintains a strong professionalism in her work, while creating a safe and nurturing environment for her clients, which allows her counselling work to be very effective, and permits clients to explore sensitive issues effectively and at depth. What also stood out to me about Jennifer is that she demonstrated the most impressive insight… in a very sensitive and non-judgmental manner.”

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Sessions with Jennifer Cameron, Holistic Counsellor

​I offer counselling ​in Mt Dandenong, Vic and by Skype.

Please ​phone or email ​to set up a time for a free initial 30 minute phone session. Let’s connect and explore if I’m the holistic counsellor for you.

You also have my 100% guarantee that if you are not satisfied at the end of any counselling session I offer, you will receive that session for free.

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Email: jennifer​cameroncounselling@gmail.com

Phone: 0435 041 259


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