About Jennifer Cameron

About Jennifer Cameron

Jennifer Cameron –

A number of influences led me to become a holistic counsellor, and made me strong in my work:

–  I have faced many of the challenges that my clients come to me with. As a child I experienced trauma which led to anxiety and depression in later life. My personal experience of dealing with these supports my work with others.

–  I relate to life’s challenges as important transitions through which we have the opportunity to find personal strength and life meaning. Our challenges are key to our self-development and self-empowerment. One of the significant meanings that I found in recovering from anxiety, was that I felt called to share my knowledge, experience and skills gained through the challenges, with others.

–  Perhaps the most significant influence as a holistic counsellor is my spiritual practice, which I’ve engaged for almost thirty years. This has given me access to a world of understanding about the deeper issues in life. I’ve practiced meditation throughout those years. This has strongly influenced my counselling work in helping others to learn to breath and relax deeply, to practice mindfulness, and to connect spiritually.

A strong intuition has guided me all my life, and comes through in my work as a holistic counsellor with every client. I feel backed by spiritual energies offering insight, guidance and healing.

My qualifications –

Bachelor Degree in Counselling (Australian College of Applied Psychology)

Certificates in Holistic Counselling, Holistic Stress Management and Meditation Therapy.


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