Anxiety Counselling

Depression and Anxiety Counselling

I am passionate about counselling for anxiety and depression

I have experienced both anxiety and depression know how dreadful each can be. My own life experience of anxiety and depression created a deep impulse to heal myself and share my knowledge and skills with others. I have spent the last 25 years of my life developing my work so that I could bring it to you, and make a powerful difference in your life.

This is my lifetime quest!

How can counselling for anxiety and depression help you?

The methods of anxiety and depression counselling that I work with reduce and minimise all of the forms and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

My work is genuinely healing, combining the cutting edge knowledge and practical use of neuroscience (rewiring the brain and emotions for happiness, fulfilment and deep relaxation instead of anxiety or depression), the traditional healing techniques of trance-work and guided meditation (which deeply supports rewiring, and empowers relaxation), mindfulness training (which helps you to re-learn how to be) and the beautiful work of Narrative Therapy based counselling (which very gently explores your life story, and helps you to understand and change your deep emotions and responses to life.

Each of these methods have been tested and proven to be highly effective in transforming anxiety and the effects of trauma.

My work blends counselling, coaching and healing to transform the life-debilitating effects of anxiety and depression.

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