Holistic Counselling in Mt Dandenong

Having taken a break from counselling for a few months, I’m now resuming my holistic counselling in Mt Dandenong, in the Yarra Ranges, Victoria, and via Skype calls. My new counselling room is peaceful, and has a gorgeous view of the forest outside the window. I’m listening to the sound of the wind in the trees as I write… beautiful!

Holistic Counselling in Mt Dandenong
Sun setting behind the trees in the forest by my peaceful counselling room in Mt Dandenong.

A number of my clients have counselling sessions via Skype or Facebook Messenger phone, allowing access to my work from anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact me for a free half hour holistic counselling in Mt Dandenong or via Skype or phone, to find out if I am the counsellor you’re looking for. Contact me here

and read up on beautiful Mt Dandenong here 🙂

Outshine Anxiety Group Work

Last year I ran a 6 week Outshine Stress and Anxiety group in local Belgrave and a 3 week one in Seville, Victoria. They were both really successful, with participants expressing that each week they learned a lot, and grew in their capacity to outshine their stress and anxiety. The Belgrave group decided to continue to meet fortnightly for an ongoing meditation and brain rewiring group.

We covered a wide range of issues around overcoming stress and anxiety, while every week experiencing new meditations, breath exercises and brain rewiring guided meditations. One participant expressed that she was a different person from the one who commenced the group with me.

Outshine Anxiety Group work

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Welcome to my blog!

About Jennifer Cameron

Why am I writing to you?

As a holistic counsellor, I mainly talk with people one-on-one. This is wonderful of course, and a big part of why I chose to become a counsellor (apart from life thrusting me in that direction!) was that I love everything about one-on-one conversation – the space it allows to get to know one another, the support it offers for individual focus, and the opportunity to share at depth (when ready, and appropriate).  All of these elements make for a healing environment which supports a shared journey and a healing process.  I also feel that healing can occur through the paradoxical one-on-oneness of sharing with a wider audience (as on a website post) within the privacy of your own computer/tablet/phone space. I am focused in the individual when I speak and write to many. Thank you for sharing the privacy of your personal online experience with me!

So what is my blog about?

I am passionate about passing on the knowledge, experience and even wisdom that I have access to, and would love to see it benefit as many people as possible.

Who are you?

Everyone who knows anything about blogging tells me to hone in and find the people who will be most interested to hear from me. I would love to hear from you! I think my audience at first will be people who experience anxiety, and like to read up about it online, but what are your other qualities? I hope to get to know you…

How can you participate?

Feel free to tell me about yourself if you would like to – your interests and passions, your work, where you come from, your age group and gender etc. I would love to hear, not only because I enjoy meeting the individuals who read and respond to my posts but also you will help me to get to know you and know your needs, and how I can best respond to them. I will reply to everyone who writes. Feel free to interact in any positive way you feel moved to – contribute to the conversation, provide helpful feedback, ask questions, or post relevant information. To do this, use the “Any comments?” form at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Addressing anxiety – the physical aspects

As a holistic counsellor, of course I acknowledge and promote the effectiveness of counselling for anxiety. I would even say that it’s essential in addressing anxiety.

Even if you have not looked into  possible physical contributors to your anxiety, you may benefit from seeing a good holistic counsellor who will take these factors into account.

Your anxiety may stem from a complex of causes, and dealing with the physical as early as possible makes a lot of sense. Receiving a medical diagnosis can bring peace of mind – through having greater understanding of your health and the symptom of anxiety, and having the medical support to work with it. But many people are not happy with simply receiving the prescription that many doctors will readily prescribe. Holistic counselling can offer far more than this in addressing anxiety.  Read on to find my recommendations on seeking health support most effectively.

Addressing anxiety

In my last post I touched on some of the primary health issues that may cause anxiety, and I have no doubt that there are more than I am highlighting here. (You can read my last post here). Poor health throws major stress on our bodies, leading naturally to stress in our minds and emotions. It is not just worrying about ill health that makes us anxious. Anxiety is a frequently caused symptom of our ill health.

Some of the health stressors leading to anxiety include –

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Nutritional deficiency, malabsorption or poor gut health
  • Virus or parasites
  • Allergies or food intolerance
  • Incapacity to release toxins or heavy metals
  • Inflammation and auto-immune disease (such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, CFS or ME)
  • Poor sleep
  • Low blood-pressure
  • Or it could be a side-effect of medication

Many of our health issues remain undetected and undiagnosed. We tend to be hard on ourselves and not seek the help that our bodies need. For instance, people experiencing fatigue, often put it down to the normal tiredness expected when living a busy life. Digestive difficulties are often seen as relatively unimportant issues that we can and should deal with by ourselves. Poor sleep is something we frequently struggle with alone, without realising it may be a symptom of ill health. Poor diet (or undetected food intolerance) can be sustained for years without awareness of how much it effects our emotional and mental states. Viruses and parasites, also playing havoc with our mental and emotional balance, may be undetected in our bodies for lengthy periods.

So how do we deal with this? Holistic counselling is effective at addressing anxiety as the physical aspects are taken into account. Additionally you may want to seek medical help. But many of our doctors are not trained in optimising health, or even recognising emotional states as symptoms of illness. Anxiety as an emotional symptom of ill health is not nearly as well-researched as the psychology of anxiety, so many doctors will simply prescribe medication such as an anti-depressant and refer an anxious patient for mental health support.

The answer is to seek the support of a doctor who has training, experience or at the very least an interest in complementary or integrative medicine. Perhaps even better, would be enlisting the help of a good naturopath who can prescribe herbs and natural medicine, while guiding your doctor in which tests you’ll need.

Exercise is essential for good health, but some conditions of ill health can be aggravated by too much or the wrong kind of exercise. If you are experiencing difficulty exercising, I recommend that you ask your doctor for a referral and care plan to see an exercise physiologist.

Being pro-active in achieving our own optimum health is the only way to achieve it!

I wish you all the best in your journey,

with love,  Jennifer

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The root causes of anxiety – and overcoming them.

Do you have anxiety?

I’m wanting to help educate and guide you and others with anxiety, to find your unique combination of causes, and to support you in re-balancing, so that anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Causes of anxiety
What causes anxiety?

Causes of anxiety

Anxiety is a complex issue, and its’ root causes are as individual as we are. In addition to the natural levels of anxious-ness that we can expect when facing challenge or stress, anxiety is well understood to be linked to issues such as depression, significant loss or change, and trauma (whether recent or early life).

However, it’s less understood that our anxiety frequently has triggers originating in our physical health. It can be quite simply founded in health issues such as viruses, parasites, nutritional deficiency, food intolerance or poor gut health. Or it could be symptomatic of health conditions such as auto-immune disease, or a side effect of medication. This area of medicine – anxiety as an emotional symptom of ill health – is not nearly as well-researched as the psychology of anxiety. In fact many doctors seem unaware of the emotional effects of illness, and prescribe further medication (such as anti-depressants) rather than getting to the cause.

Anxiety can be further complicated by our lifestyle choices, such as the quality of our diet, and the amount of exercise we have. We can be effected by the screens we gaze at by the hour, and by the electric magnet fields we live in. And it can originate in the deeper questions of the heart, in spiritual crisis, or when faced with feelings of emptyness or the meaninglessness of one’s life, or of life altogether. And in these times, a certain amount of anxiety is probably an intelligent and healthy response to the widespread troubles of our world.

Solutions to anxiety

Many of us are unable to switch off from our stress or anxiety. We function continuously in the fight/flight mode without switching over to the relax/digest mode that we could be enjoying throughout daily life. Our almost cultural movement away from the natural relaxation response has created the growing interest in mindfulness and meditation that has become so prevalent on the internet . In fact, learning to relax and breath naturally and deeply are essential elements in the recovery from anxiety.

My holistic counselling supports you to return to a natural state of relaxation – deep breath, calm emotions and still mind. Contact me if you’d like a free half hour session to find out if this would work for you.

With love, Jennifer

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