The root causes of anxiety – and overcoming them.

Do you have anxiety?

I’m wanting to help educate and guide you and others with anxiety, to find your unique combination of causes, and to support you in re-balancing, so that anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Causes of anxiety
What causes anxiety?

Causes of anxiety

Anxiety is a complex issue, and its’ root causes are as individual as we are. In addition to the natural levels of anxious-ness that we can expect when facing challenge or stress, anxiety is well understood to be linked to issues such as depression, significant loss or change, and trauma (whether recent or early life).

However, it’s less understood that our anxiety frequently has triggers originating in our physical health. It can be quite simply founded in health issues such as viruses, parasites, nutritional deficiency, food intolerance or poor gut health. Or it could be symptomatic of health conditions such as auto-immune disease, or a side effect of medication. This area of medicine – anxiety as an emotional symptom of ill health – is not nearly as well-researched as the psychology of anxiety. In fact many doctors seem unaware of the emotional effects of illness, and prescribe further medication (such as anti-depressants) rather than getting to the cause.

Anxiety can be further complicated by our lifestyle choices, such as the quality of our diet, and the amount of exercise we have. We can be effected by the screens we gaze at by the hour, and by the electric magnet fields we live in. And it can originate in the deeper questions of the heart, in spiritual crisis, or when faced with feelings of emptyness or the meaninglessness of one’s life, or of life altogether. And in these times, a certain amount of anxiety is probably an intelligent and healthy response to the widespread troubles of our world.

Solutions to anxiety

Many of us are unable to switch off from our stress or anxiety. We function continuously in the fight/flight mode without switching over to the relax/digest mode that we could be enjoying throughout daily life. Our almost cultural movement away from the natural relaxation response has created the growing interest in mindfulness and meditation that has become so prevalent on the internet . In fact, learning to relax and breath naturally and deeply are essential elements in the recovery from anxiety.

My holistic counselling supports you to return to a natural state of relaxation – deep breath, calm emotions and still mind. Contact me if you’d like a free half hour session to find out if this would work for you.

With love, Jennifer

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