Holistic Counselling Testimonials

Mark, Youth Support Worker, Monbulk, Vic

I found Jennifer’s approach to be a wonderful combination of straight forward (asking the hard questions which I needed), yet gentle and very respectful. Many of the strategies Jennifer worked through with me I am able to now apply to other issues that arise in day to day life and they make a huge difference. There were a couple of particularly powerful approaches she took with me that had such a significant impact on me, how I felt about myself and how I viewed and ultimately decided on my next steps.  While it has now been a number of months since the sessions have finished, I still find myself reflecting on the work I did with Jennifer in those sessions.  These reminders help me to continue to grow, to be happy and confident in what I do and most importantly, be happy with who I am as a person, a happy, strong and confident person.  Thank you Jennifer for your support and guidance.  Thank you for all you did with me and do for others, you are a gift.

Sue, Sales Manager, Beaumaris, Vic

“I have made several positive changes in my life since attending counselling sessions with Jennifer. She is a compassionate, supportive counsellor who has an amazing ability to allow me to explore my past traumatic events and the challenges that have presented in my life. Jennifer has given me tools and techniques to overcome adversity, and my fears and anxiety in my everyday life. My self esteem and confidence have improved greatly and Jennifer inspires me to implement self-love and well-being. Thank you for your empathy and devotion Jen!”

Janice, Massage Therapist, Kew, Vic

“I found Jennifer to be a person of great insight, sensitivity, integrity, kindness, and generosity. Jennifer maintains a strong professionalism in her work, while creating a safe and nurturing environment for her clients, which allows her counselling work to be very effective, and permits clients to explore sensitive issues effectively and at depth. What also stood out to me about Jennifer is that she demonstrated the most impressive insight. By taking time to listen, feel, and observe, she has been able to make a most penetrating comment… and she has been able to do this in a very sensitive and non-judgmental manner.”

Louise, Health Practitioner, Warrandyte, Vic

“Jennifer always offers the client the space to safely explore their process. Her listening skills are well-developed. Her insight into the key issues seems always to be appropriate and well-timed. She has a substantial ability to provide accurate intuitive analysis. Jennifer is strictly ethical and professional in all her dealings, and maintains strict confidentiality. She is trustworthy, empathetic and persistent. She has enormous integrity.”

Leanne, Teacher, Mt Evelyn, Vic

“I have found that Jennifer is not only a gifted counsellor but that her extremely beautiful healing changed my life. I highly recommend her.” 

Michelle, Driver, Belgrave, Vic

“Jennifer’s classes are refreshing in the holistic approach they take to outshine stress and anxiety. There is a spiritual dimension but nothing too airy fairy. I found the classes very practical and helpful. Jennifer’s meditations are very deep and powerful. There is information on an array of areas, such as reprogramming neurological pathways of the brain. Jennifer walks the talk and has a very gentle, helpful and healing approach. She is able to foster a genuine sharing and caring environment. I have found Jennifer’s classes deeply healing and helpful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Kathleen, Hair Stylist, Emerald, Vic

“I joined one of Jennifer’s groups after I met her at Emerald Community Centre. I felt at ease with her. I was dealing with stress at work, and liked the outline of the group process so I decided to join the group. Jennifer’s  way of teaching was easy to understand & to practice on a daily basis. Through Jennifer’s breathing and meditation teachings I have learned how to not respond instantly when people push my buttons. This is helping me to feel calmer.  I liked the way Jennifer made everyone in the the class feel we could share in a safe place.  I enjoyed the group so much and am delighted Jennifer is doing a follow on meditation group.  I would definitely recommend the group to others, as I feel it really helped me. Many thanks Jennifer for all your love and the care you give to us all xx”

Faye, Belgrave, Vic

“I have chronic health problems and was feeling stressed and anxious so I joined Jennifer’s group after attending a talk she gave locally. The course was informative and practical and offered a range of techniques to assist with stress reduction, all in a relaxed setting with support from Jennifer and the other participants. Jennifer has a caring, empathic and supportive approach and I would highly recommend the course for anyone who feels they may benefit.

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