Holistic Counselling

My holistic counselling can help you to:

  • Restore your peace of mind
  • Feel more deeply in touch with who you are, in your strength, being your best self
  • Understand patterns from your childhood which have limited your emotional and relational experiences and your participation in life
  • Emerge and grow beyond these limiting patterns, empowered by new and positive thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Change and grow at your pace, and in the directions that are important to you
  • Develop greater personal strength and creativity
  • Connect deeply with the aspects of life that are most meaningful to you
  • Work with and resolve life issues

Holistic Counselling

The tools I use in my holistic counselling –

In addition to holistic person-based counselling, I also use narrative therapy, mindfulness and meditation training (including basic meditation for relaxation and stress management, breath work, and guided meditation / trance work.

Narrative therapy is a highly positive counselling modality that supports the client to re-author their lives – or transform the way they see themselves and their lives, and help them to understand the strength of their uniqueness. It is a validating and empowering process, which draws on the past, while building strength in the present, working deeply but very gently.

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