Welcome to my blog!

About Jennifer Cameron

Why am I writing to you?

As a holistic counsellor, I mainly talk with people one-on-one. This is wonderful of course, and a big part of why I chose to become a counsellor (apart from life thrusting me in that direction!) was that I love everything about one-on-one conversation – the space it allows to get to know one another, the support it offers for individual focus, and the opportunity to share at depth (when ready, and appropriate).  All of these elements make for a healing environment which supports a shared journey and a healing process.  I also feel that healing can occur through the paradoxical one-on-oneness of sharing with a wider audience (as on a website post) within the privacy of your own computer/tablet/phone space. I am focused in the individual when I speak and write to many. Thank you for sharing the privacy of your personal online experience with me!

So what is my blog about?

I am passionate about passing on the knowledge, experience and even wisdom that I have access to, and would love to see it benefit as many people as possible.

Who are you?

Everyone who knows anything about blogging tells me to hone in and find the people who will be most interested to hear from me. I would love to hear from you! I think my audience at first will be people who experience anxiety, and like to read up about it online, but what are your other qualities? I hope to get to know you…

How can you participate?

Feel free to tell me about yourself if you would like to – your interests and passions, your work, where you come from, your age group and gender etc. I would love to hear, not only because I enjoy meeting the individuals who read and respond to my posts but also you will help me to get to know you and know your needs, and how I can best respond to them. I will reply to everyone who writes. Feel free to interact in any positive way you feel moved to – contribute to the conversation, provide helpful feedback, ask questions, or post relevant information. To do this, use the “Any comments?” form at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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